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boat washing tips and locations

We cannot mention this enough, but anglers and recreational boaters are the first line of defense in the fight against AIS.

Every boat operator should inspect their boat for attached mud, vegetation or animals before and after each launch. Pay close attention to the areas highlighted below.

Boat owners and operators should powerwash their boat as often as possible. When possible, allow your boat to completely dry between trips. In South Dakota this usually takes 2-4 days in the summer months and at least a week during the cooler months. Here are some tips to make powerwashing your boat efficient and effective.

Work from top to bottom and bow to stern on one side.
Repeat the procedure on the other side of the boat.

Be sure to wash the rollers or bunks on the trailer.

If possible, wash the interior of the boat and rinse all compartments that may hold water.

Rinse the transom area with low pressure water to prevent damage to the motor and/or electronics.

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks partners with the South Dakota B.A.S.S. Federation and private car washes to provide a list of boat wash locations that have lit, pull-though bays for easy access. Boats with Zebra Mussels attached or coming from Zebra Mussel containment waters are required to decontaminate with a hot water power wash.  

Mr. Bill's Car Wash
109 4th Street SW
Dale's Sinclair
402 State Avenue
Fort Pierre
Shur Shine Car Wash
Deadwood Avenue
Sunnyside Car Wash
201 East Highway 38
Super Wash
304 2nd Street NE
Eastside Car Wash
East Highway 12
Westside Truck and Car Wash
504 24th Avenue
Mega Wash
1905 North Main Street
Mega Wash
800 East Kay Avenue
Sportsman's Car Wash
601 East Spruce Street
Super Car Wash
1100 North Garfield Avenue
Truck-n-Car Wash
1513 East Wells Avenue
Rapid City
Arnie's Pressure Wash
3100 South Highway 79
Rapid City
Parkway Car Wash
206 East Blvd North
Rapid City
Zaug Wash
612 Timmons Blvd
Appel Oil Company
833 West 3rd Street
Sioux Falls
Clean Finish Car Wash
515 South Sycamore Avenue
Sioux Falls
Shop'n Cart Car Wash
4309 East 12th Street
Sioux Falls
Superwash - 12th Street
2000 West 12th Street
Sioux Falls
Superwash - Mariod Road
801 South Marion Road
Sioux Falls
Wash World Car Wash
321 North Cliff Avenue NE
Henderson's Ultimate
821 Princeton Street
Royal Car Wash
801 Stanford Street
Cenex C Store
East Highway 212
Super Wash
501 14th Avenue NE
Westside Car Wash
715 3rd Avenue NW
White River
Gillen's Station
North 1st Street, Highway 83
Classic Car Wash
600 West 23rd Street