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Kids!  South Dakota is facing a potential INVASION! 

No, it’s not space aliens or anything like that, but these invaders could affect your favorite lakes, rivers, swimming beaches or even your favorite fishing spot!

Two of the invaders are small clam-like creatures called zebra and quagga mussels. These small creatures can get into a body of water and completely take over! They attach to things like docks or boat motors and they spread quickly. They also filter out all of the food in a body of water and can harm fish like walleyes, perch or bass. When these creatures take over, they multiply to the millions. When they die, they wash up on shores and beaches. Their shells are very sharp and can easily cut your feet; making beaches unusable.

The other invader is the Asian carp. These fish leap high out of the air at the sound of a boat motor and can be very dangerous to boaters, jet skiers and tubers. They also filter out plankton in a river or lake and can starve out all the other fish.

Now we need your help to share this information with your friends, neighbors, siblings, parents and other family members. Here’s how:

Help us defeat these nasty invaders! The future of our lakes and rivers depend upon it.

If you have questions, please email